Everything immediately, and in the best case yesterday: That is often the creed in the media world. Therefore, as a medium, company or brand, you need a partner who knows the rules of the game and can act accordingly.

I support you in creating your visual press documents or documenting current events and making them available to the media as soon as possible.

Do not leave your external perception to chance!


Vielen Dank für Ihre Nachricht!

At a glance

  • Freelance press photographer for the newspaper "Kurier" for 5 years

  • 10 years photographer at a PR agency

  • State-of-the-art equipment and cutting edge connectivity

  • Faster than fast: Pictures on Demand - You can receive your pictures during the media event on request


  • Press photography is complex, so it is difficult to generalize

  • I calculate differently depending on the scope and duration of the project

  • Basically, I charge € 200 for the first hour (including preparations and arrival in the Vienna area) and € 125 for each additional hour.