Each event is unique and tells an individual, exciting story. And I am there to document it - without the ambition to present myself: Open, but not intrusive.

In addition to official speeches, discussions and ceremonies, the dynamics, mood and the positive overall picture are important in my reports.

In addition, there are numerous ways to make your event or festival visit - on site and afterwards - unforgettable.

Let us work together on the sustainable success of your activity.


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At a glance

  • Event photographer for 10 years

  • State-of-the-art equipment and cutting edge connectivity

  • Faster than fast: Pictures on Demand - You can receive some pictures during the event if you wish


  • In addition to work on site, event photography also includes preparation, planning and post-processing

  • I calculate differently depending on the scope and duration of the project

  • Basically, I charge € 200 for the first hour (including travel to the Vienna area) and € 125 for each additional hour.

  • If you would like a film / video in addition to the photographic documentation, I would be happy to add suitable cooperation partners.